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About Digital by Dash

Digital By Dash is a full-service visual media production company founded by  DGA 2nd AD/ Director Dash Mclntosh. Since the company's 2016 inception, the multi-vertical company has become the industry's go-to creative agency for short/long-form content, photography as well as other digital media creation.

DBD has shot, produced and directed a variety of commercials, independent films, episodic and creative content on a local and global scale. In the last year, the company's slate has broadened to include big-budget music videos, creative content for cultured-based news outlets as well as developing digital strategies for real estate moguls and independent production consultations. Digital By Dash stretches creative boundaries beyond its client's imaginations.

Meet the CEO

Dash McIntosh, a native of Detroit by the way of Miami FL, has always enjoyed the Arts. Self taught, Dash fell in love with making amazing content both stills and visual that told his story and point of view as a creator.

With several degrees across multiple disciplines and friends from all walks of life, Dash used resources, opportunities, and friends to fuel his burgeoning talents as a director/digital creator.

Becoming a DGA 2nd AD while developing his skills as a photographer, shooting some of the industry's A-listers he quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the most sought-out creators in the city.

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